About Kitchencat

Foodie humor for the whole family

Kitchencat is a fun and friendly one panel cartoon about food and cooking. Kitchencat is a large manuscript and an ongoing daily cartoon.

Hosted by The Cat in the Chefs Hat, Kitchencat, features cheerful animal characters enjoying the good humor of the kitchen and table.

Kitchencat is sweet and smart, celebrating culture at our best and most chatty, around food.

Kitchencat is produced in Vermont, by Robert Schelling.

What are people saying…

What happens when critters get into the restaurant business? These totally charming drawings explain all.

— Garry Trudeau

Wonderful upbeat… Kitchencat just has a way of making us smile.

— P.J. Hamel, for the King Arthur Flour Bakers

Delightful. Wish I’d done it myself.

— Jack Keil, Creator of McGruff the Crime Dog
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